"just being is enough" - Evan Samuelson


"just being is enough” | Oil on canvas

This piece was created for Super Secret Projects group show, Identity in October, 2023.

About Evan Samuelson

Evan is a self-taught artist and educator who moved to Beacon from Long Island in 2015. His preferred medium is oil paint, with experience in woodworking, sculpture, and pottery. When he's not painting or enjoying nature, Evan works as a Physical Education/Health and life skills teacher at a therapeutic day school. He's grateful for the opportunity to connect with his students as a balance to the intrinsic exploration which accompanies his nightly painting sessions.

Exhibition Statement

How do you distinguish yourself? What traits do you learn to identify with your core being? How are these traits expressed, and how are they perceived? How do they change? Super Secret Projects encourages you to consider these questions and more with "Identity", our October member group exhibition. This thought-provoking show celebrates the multifaceted nature of identity. Here you will find a body of works that visually manifest the points of threshold surrounding the individualistic and collective concepts of identity - and how these boundaries are shared, crossed, and kept apart. Through our members' chosen mediums, this exhibition aims to ignite contemplation, foster dialogue, and inspire viewers to explore the complexities of identity within our ever-evolving world.



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