"Wired" by Logan Lesley


30x40" || acrylic , spray paint , gesso and wire 

Logan Lesley is a visual artist hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, who has since established a base in New York. Lesley's artistic expression is rooted in abstraction, favoring acrylic and oil paints alongside organic materials to bring their visions to life. Their artwork is a vibrant exploration of the emotional ties and connections that bind humanity to the surrounding world. Employing energetic hues and decisive brushstrokes, Lesley crafts scenes brimming with dynamism and movement, infusing each piece with a vitality that counters the often gloomy and melancholic aspects of life. It is Lesley's aspiration that their creations stir a sense of joy and wonder in the beholder, resonating on a deeply personal level. Their work has been recognized and displayed in notable venues such as Grit Works, Brooklyn Art Cave, Cuneen-Hackett Arts Center, and Trolly Barn Gallery, marking significant milestones in their artistic journey.

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