"We’re Trying to Figure This Thing Out Together" - A.T. Follansbee


"We’re Trying to Figure This Thing Out Together" | A.T. Follansbee | Oil on Canvas | 2023

A.T. Follansbsee is a founding member of the artist-run initiative Super Secret Projects.

This piece debuted at her solo exhibition "Interior" at Super Secret Projects. Follansbee's show is a journey of introspection that plumbs her interior world. Through self-portraits created in her home, she explores the profound connection between intellectual pursuit and personal sanctuary.

Reflecting on the experiences of women before her, she contemplates what to share with the outside world and what to keep to herself.  Her paintings pay tribute to artist mothers of the past, capturing their daydreams, observations, and cycling thoughts. Join her in celebrating the beauty of solitude and the rich heritage of creative women.

About A.T. Follansbee:

Alyssa Todd Follansbee is a multimedia artist based in Beacon, New York. Her work explores the internal struggle of balancing our outward and inward lives.  Utilizing figurative subject matter with surrealist elements, her paintings reflect themes of self-image, loss, motherhood, and family. 

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