Star Melt Beach Towel

We love a big soft towel almost as much as we love a good artist collaboration. These limited edition towels are printed with original paintings and drawings by Emma Safir. 
Towels were woven using traditional American jacquard weaving methods in a 3rd generation family-owned South Carolina mill. 96% cotton, 4 % polyester. 30" x 60". Wash in cold water, tumble dry low.


About the Artist:

Emma Safir (pronounced sapphire) is an artist based in New York who recently graduated with her MFA in Painting + Printmaking from the Yale School of Art. Safir navigates the opacity of intersubjective experience and the transience of memory through material exploration and manipulation. She integrates weaving, smocking, lens-based media, rasterization, upholstery, among other methods. Her towel is inspired by one the artist had as a child; as she recalls its memory, it fades, and the stars begin to melt away. 

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