"Mouse" - Alyssa Follansbee


"Mouse" | Acrylic on canvas | 2023

This piece was created for the group show, "Identity," at Super Secret Projects in 2023. 

Artist Statement

My painting explores the dual impact of procreation, and how making another human being is simultaneously creative and destructive. The Hudson River School landscapes represented our surrounding natural environment as a resource for spiritual renewal; their fruitful, romanticized vistas served as visual metaphors for the promise of a bountiful future defined by continual progress. Returning to this same subject matter hundreds of years later, my work seeks to reinterpret the impact of human development in our current Hudson Valley, late-stage capitalist landscape. How has this fated continual progress affected our surrounding natural resources?

About Alyssa Follansbee

Alyssa Todd Follansbee is a multimedia artist based in Beacon, New York. Her work explores the internal struggle of balancing our outward and inward lives.  Utilizing figurative subject matter with surrealist elements, her paintings reflect themes of self-image, loss, motherhood, and family. 

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