"Mantis" by Boramie Sao


Original Oil On Canvas 

About Boramie Sao:

Boramie Sao is a self-taught Cambodian American Artist from Long Beach, California, currently residing in Taos, New Mexico. Sao reflects upon the challenging landscapes of the high desert where she lives, and ties a deep symbolism to any life that persists through the most tumultuous elements. She connects this symbolism to her heritage and ancestry, where the family stories passed down from her elders inspired the work she creates today. These intimate lessons she grew up with lie at the heart of her work, which would be left untold if not through oral or shared tradition. 

Sao’s acute observation of her environment and the meditative practice that has developed throughout the years of painting, gave her an understanding of balance and a profound appreciation for beauty within the natural world. The inherent stillness she strives to capture through her use of symbols, textures, colors and organic forms, are meant to tell these stories in a subtle, interpretive way. Sao’s titles work in a narrative form, gesturing a hint of her own experiences while leaving space for imagination. Her intuitive color palettes and unique use of shapes dwell in the depths of each piece, leaving the viewer to question whether it is meant to hide or reveal something beyond the surface. 

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