"Life on Display" - Diana Vidal


"Life on Display" | Hand cut & made collage vignettes from 1940-1970s National Geographic magazines | 11x14 framed and matted

About Diana Vidal 

Diana Vidal is a multimedia artist and photographer who utilizes analog and vernacular photography as well as bookmaking, to create works that explore new possibilities in visual storytelling. Through her art, she seeks to evoke beauty, emotion, and introspection in her viewers, encouraging them to reflect on their personal experiences with memory and the passage of time.

Diana's work has been showcased at various galleries, including Transmitter Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, Beacon Artist Union, and the Garrison Art Center.  Her most recent exhibition will be a group show at Site:Brooklyn gallery.

Alongside her artistic pursuits, Diana serves as the Director of Super Secret Projects, a collaborative artist collective located in Beacon, NY.

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