"untitled 2" - Darya Golubina

This is an original painting by Beacon-local artist, Darya Golubina. "untitled 2" premiered at Golubina's first solo show, "Naked in the Riverbed." 

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“Naked in the Riverbed” Artist’s Statement

“When I paint skin and bone, the body, I am transported to a parallel space. It exists around us always, but we rarely allow ourselves to seek refuge there. A realm of distinctive detail, vivid color, texture, and landscape. I study shadows, valleys, and the unique depths the body presents. When I paint a portrait, I faithfully follow the markers on the paths of the subject's face. 

As an immigrant as a child, I often wrestle with a part of myself that regresses to an 8-year-old me. I would learn by listening and observing, unable to participate or use my voice. Now I find myself studying, not asking when intrigued by a new person or place. How much can we know from merely watching our environment? What can the freckles on someone’s cheek tell us about their time spent under our sun? Where did they get that scar? The calluses on their hands, the hunching of their shoulders. Wordless communication. The human body changes in the same way the bank of a familiar river is reshaped over time. Morning light reveals the curve of a back, a belly, not unlike the curve of a mountain, the rounded side of a cliff carved by water. The setting sun deepens the green of a tree-lined valley, same as it chisels a ribcage. When I work I surrender to the terrain, sitting with it, learning from a feeling.”    

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