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Christi Ahee's Sweet Ceramics

Christi Ahee's Sweet Ceramics

If you've ever been in our shop or visited us online (like right now, while you're reading this 🙃), then you know we go nuts for an expertly handcrafted piece of work- and Christi Ahee's pieces make us extra coconuts.  

A ceramic artist based out of Los Angeles by way of Chicago, Christi first took a wheel throwing class during college in 2011, and was hooked. She continued to work with clay as a hobby, but it wasn’t until 2014 that she began pursuing it as a full time job.

Each piece of pottery that leaves the studio is handmade on the wheel, and then hand glazed for daily use.

Catch Her On The Big Screen

We first discovered Christi's photo-perfect painted mugs the good old-fashioned way- on Instagram. Of course, we're not the only ones that have been peeping Christi's wares- on a recent scouting trip, set designers for an upcoming (but still on the DL) Apple TV movie snagged a few of her Flora Mugs to use on-set! We're so pumped to see her work on the tube! 

Check out some of Christi's signature designs like the Travel Pop Doodle Mug to to elevate your morning coffee-and-commute routine.

Christ Ahee, ceramicist, image of girl in field with sun glasses

For more frequent updates on ongoing projects, follow her on instagram @christi.ahee.

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