Stacked Beaded Earrings - Take Shape Studio


Lush, colorful, and attention-grabbing, These luxurious woven earrings are made by hand with high-quality Japanese glass seed beads.

Hooks are gold fill. Earrings are 1" wide and 3.25" long.  

Why We Love Them

These earrings are little wearable works of art that really feel good to put on. The saturated colors of the Japanese glass beads stand out against any hair color or style. They make an outfit. They make a statement. But they're also light and comfortable, enough to wear all day.  

About Take Shape Studio

 San Francisco-based artist Sophie Silverstein often finds her inspiration in the spaces between: "In parallel, negative space is an art concept that I love because when we look at art our mind tells us to see a complete form, but when we start to deconstruct elements like lines, shapes, colors, and especially negative space, or the space between elements, we start to see something completely new. These are concepts I play with in my jewelry by creating two dimensional images with wire and sheet that feature shapes, lines, and literal space between elements."