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Recycled Glass Candles - Beacon Mercantile

Toni's small batch candles are hand poured and made with US-grown soy wax, premium cotton & paper eco wicks, and are 100% phthalate, paraben, dye, and lead-free so you can enjoy the relaxing glow of a flickering flame and keep your home healthy. Her quest to make a healthy, clean burning, and beautifully scented candle is the true origin story behind Beacon Mercantile.


8oz Candles - Burn time: 50-60 hours - To enjoy a perfect burn, allow your candle to form a complete wax melt pool across the top during first burn...this ensures your candle will burn evenly and beautifully down the sides of the container. Trim your wick to around 1/4" before each burn thereafter, snipping off any soot ball that accumulates. 

Tobacco & Vanilla 

Golden tobacco leaf and vanilla mingled into a spiced, woody heart of black clove and rosewood. Rich, complex, classic, and warm.

Top notes: Black clove, rosewood
Middle note: Golden tobacco leaf
Base notes: Vanilla

Scent profile: Complex Spicy-Sweet, Classic, Warm

No. 7 Basil & Tomato Leaf

Summer sweat in the garden. Green herbs pushing through rich brown earth. Mineral tang. Edible nature at her finest.

Top notes: Holy Basil
Middle notes: Tomato Leaf
Base notes: Sage

Scent profile: Herbaceous, Green, Fresh

Love Potion #9

A mysterious and seductive blend of peppery-citrus bergamot spiked with sea salt, cardamom, and plum in a sensuous base of deep black amber and warm vanilla. 

Top notes: Cardamom, sea salt
Middle note: Bergamot, black plum
Base notes: Black amber, vanilla

Scent profile: Ozonic, Salted Black Amber, Sensual

La Lune

A love letter to the moon...soft, sensuous white jasmine + lavender, rose, and bergamot mingled in a warm heart of patchouli and precious woods. Warm, dreamy, radiant, divine.

Top notes: Bergamot, lavender
Middle notes: White jasmine, rose
Base notes: Cedar, patchouli

Scent profile: Soft, Sensuous, Woody-Floral

No. 9 Blackbird

A flash of gloss black wings. Secrets kept forever. Spirited away.

Jammy notes of black currant pair with citrusy bergamot in a heady earthy-floral base of black tea, white jasmine, and patchouli.

Top note: Bergamot
Middle notes: Black currant, white jasmine 
Base notes: Black tea, patchouli

Scent Profile: Enchanting, Mysterious, Complex

No. 16 Cowboy Vetiver

Red rocks. Dusty trails. A late summer monsoon travels down the canyon, carrying the scent of sweetgrass and ancient junipers across the desert plain. The riders turn their horses and head for home.

Top note: Juniper
Middle note: Sweet grass
Base note: Vetiver

Scent profile: Clean, Grassy, Fresh