Organic Hand-Dyed Onesie - Mira Blackman


Made of 100% organic cotton, it’s super soft to the touch and constructed with a lap-neck design to ensure easy, hassle-free outfit and diaper changes. 

Hand dyed with low impact dyes; 100% Organic Cotton, 3-snap closure. 

More About Mira Blackman

Mira Blackman is a textile artist based in Oakland, CA, where all of her vintage & wovens are designed, cut, and sewn, one piece at a time. Using ethically sourced textiles (mostly vintage) from all over West Africa, each piece is designed to minimize waste and honor the life of these beautiful, storied fabrics.

Mira's Backyard Collection is organic cotton essentials handmade- you guessed it -by Mira herself! Each is dyed by hand in her new dye studio, AKA, backyard.