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Jasmine Neroli Candle - Exalted Alchemy


Soy wax blend, hand-poured on the Leo Full Moon, February 2020, also known as the Ice Moon. Leo is the lion/lioness of the zodiac. Leo energy is incredibly expressive, fierce and confident. This sign helps us reflect on matters of the heart – including self-love and self-care! This candle harnesses Leo full moon energy and will help you align with your most authentic self. Leo reminds us that we are the Queens/Kings of our universe, and we need to treat ourselves as such. Use this candle to bring in love and confidence. Embrace your inner Queen/King and reign. Full moon’s are a time for abundance and achievement. Naturally a more intuitive time, full moons are great for manifestation and magic. Burn this candle to bring full moon energy into any day, or to heighten cosmic energies on an upcoming full moon. This candle can be especially powerful and supportive if you are a Leo or if you have Leo in your natal chart.

10oz candle