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Intox Hair Oil - Exalted Alchemy


Intox is an intoxicatingly aromatic hair experience. Argan oil, jojoba oil & sweet almond oil are some of the hair’s favorite oils. They will help heal split ends, damage from heat or dying while encouraging thickness and growth. All of the essential oils used area great for hair health, growth & strength.

Directions: For daily use rub a couple drops between your palms and then lightly run fingers through your hair. This will help add some shine and luster. For a treatment, take a few full droppers and coat your hair, or just your ends (you can’t go wrong!). Brush thoroughly and let the oil blend into your hair and scalp. Let this treatment sit for a few hours, if possible. For extra hair happiness, put your hair in a topknot or braid and sleep overnight with the oil in your hair. Rinse it out in the morning.

Ingredients: Jojoba oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, essential oil blend of sandalwood, rose otto, cedarwood, lavender & vanilla

1oz bottle