"interwoven #1" - Evan Samuelson


"interwoven #1" | Oil on canvas | 20x24 | 2023

This piece debuted during Evan's solo show, "one taste," at Super Secret Projects in 2023.

Exhibition Statement

The beauty of organic florals is undeniable. Universal truths like this connect us all and remind us that we are each a part of one ultimate whole.

But how do parameters set by our cultures, environments, communities, and governments shape who we become and how we live our lives? Are our boundaries genuine, or were they set in place by someone else with different motives than our own?

"one taste" by Evan Samuelson aims to cut through the preconceived and often subconscious stories that shape our psyche and reality in order to illuminate the common truths that exist within us all. These paintings seek connection in an attempt to bring more presence, love, and beauty to the forefront.

About Evan Samuelson

Evan is a self-taught artist and educator who moved to Beacon from Long Island in 2015. His preferred medium is oil paint, with experience in woodworking, sculpture, and pottery. When he's not painting or enjoying nature, Evan works as a Physical Education/Health and life skills teacher at a therapeutic day school. He's grateful for the opportunity to connect with his students as a balance to the intrinsic exploration which accompanies his nightly painting sessions.


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