Milk + Amber Blown Glass Candles - Beacon Mercantile


Toni's small batch candles are hand poured and made with US-grown soy wax, premium cotton & paper eco wicks, and are 100% phthalate, paraben, dye, and lead-free so you can enjoy the relaxing glow of a flickering flame and keep your home healthy. Her quest to make a healthy, clean burning, and beautifully scented candle is the true origin story behind Beacon Mercantile.


9oz- Burn time: 55-65 hours - To enjoy a perfect burn, allow your candle to form a complete wax melt pool across the top during first burn...this ensures your candle will burn evenly and beautifully down the sides of the container. Trim your wick to around 1/4" before each burn thereafter, snipping off any soot ball that accumulates. 

Tobacco & Vanilla 

Golden tobacco leaf and vanilla mingled into a spiced, woody heart of black clove and rosewood. Rich, complex, classic, and warm.

Top notes: Black clove, rosewood
Middle note: Golden tobacco leaf
Base notes: Vanilla

Scent profile: Complex Spicy-Sweet, Classic, Warm

 La Lune

A love letter to the moon...soft, sensuous white jasmine + lavender, rose, and bergamot mingled in a warm heart of patchouli and precious woods. Warm, dreamy, radiant, divine.

Top notes: Bergamot, lavender
Middle notes: White jasmine, rose
Base notes: Cedar, patchouli

Scent profile: Soft, Sensuous, Woody-Floral

No. 9 Blackbird

A flash of gloss black wings. Secrets kept forever. Spirited away.

Jammy notes of black currant pair with citrusy bergamot in a heady earthy-floral base of black tea, white jasmine, and patchouli.

Top note: Bergamot
Middle notes: Black currant, white jasmine 
Base notes: Black tea, patchouli

Scent Profile: Enchanting, Mysterious, Complex

No. 16 Cowboy Vetiver

Red rocks. Dusty trails. A late summer monsoon travels down the canyon, carrying the scent of sweetgrass and ancient junipers across the desert plain. The riders turn their horses and head for home.

Top note: Juniper
Middle note: Sweet grass
Base note: Vetiver

Scent profile: Clean, Grassy, Fresh 

No. 1 Hudson Highlands

Inspired by the lush green hills and rocky trails of the Hudson Valley. Crisp white birch, balsam fir, cypress, pine. Stone, soil, and earth.

Top notes: Eucalyptus, balsam fir
Middle notes: White birch
Base notes: Pine, cypress, earth

Scent profile: Majestic Woods, Fresh, Green


No. 47 Carnation & Cardamom

The first shy blush of romantic love. Hands and fingers softly entwine for the first time. A stolen kiss. The awakening of desire.

Soft and spicy pink carnation made voluptuous with golden mimosa and heliotrope in a heart of fresh green cardamom.

Top note: Pink Carnation
Middle notes: Golden Mimosa, Heliotrope
Base note: Cardamom

Scent profile: Fresh, Clean, Soft Floral

No. 44 Beacon 

Inspired by the arts-driven (and entirely amazing!) city of Beacon, New York on the Hudson river, this earthy and sensual blend is a celebration of creative community meeting natural beauty. Zesty grapefruit mingles with the clean floral notes of lavender and sage in a deep and complex heart of oakmoss, golden amber, and tonka bean. A refined, sophisticated blend that's a little bit wild at heart. 

Please note that our Beacon candle is topped with a festive sprinkle of dried blue cornflowers and orange safflowers…blue for the river, orange for the fantastic Hudson river light and sunsets. They’re lovely to watch swirl in the melted wax!

Top note: Grapefruit
Middle notes: Lavender, sage
Base notes: Oakmoss, golden amber, tonka bean

Scent profile: Refined, Earthy, Complex

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