Wallpaper Sleeveless Skins Tank - Arthur Apparel

$90.00 $77.00

Remember the Secretary Shirt with that unbelievable flower power pattern that's somehow nostalgic and yet so, so fresh? Well, it comes in a sleeveless tank with a cute circle cutout on the back too! Features monochromatic frontlocking (aka cool stitching) down center front and back. Made with stretchy power mesh for a flattering figure-hugging silhouette. Just remember that mesh does mean kinda sheer. 

100% polyester. Wash in cool water and air dry.

More About Arthur Apparel

Arthur Apparel takes pride in being a slow fashion brand. Garments are not mass produced, rather they are handmade in Indonesia in two small factories by local tailors. They try their damndest to minimize waste, water usage and CO2 emissions by selecting natural fabrics and choosing organic fibers where possible, using less energy/water to produce their garments, as well as creating less greenhouse gas when processed.