'Abby Loves Disco' Leather Skirt - Super Happy Ghost Co


A white, vintage leather, pencil skirt hand painted with one of the artist's signature designs, this piece is truly one-of-a-kind. 

Vintage leather is in good condition (a lot of wear left in her) - AND SHE HAS POCKETS! A very rare find for sure.

Size S-M. Measurements:

Waist: 13"
Hip: 18”
Length: 25"
Hem: 20”

More about Super Happy Ghost Co

Designed by proud Swedish artist Elin Lundman,  Super Happy Ghost Co. breathes new life into clothes that might otherwise have been thrown away or forgotten, repurposing them as wearable art, statement pieces that will last a long time. Super Happy Ghost Co. seeks to embody sustainable fashion.