Meet the Makers

Alysia Mazzella

Beeswax Candle Maker; Hudson Valley, New York.

Alysia Mazzella makes each of her beeswax candles by hand. No added scents. No added dyes. Just beeswax and a cotton wick. Handcrafted with quality in Upstate New York using sustainably-sourced beeswax from local apiaries. 100% beeswax is perfect by nature. It is the slowest and cleanest burning wax on Earth. Created by the brilliant honeybee, beeswax naturally boasts a pollen-infused color and a floral-sweet scent.

Beeswax Candles by Alysia Mazzella was founded in 2017. What began as a personal practice, burning tapers daily and collecting brass candlesticks, grew to offer hundreds of slow-made candles within the first year. Today, Alysia studies and teaches the ancient relationship of humans and honeybees, while her collection nods to traditional candles for function and spirit. She was named “the person who may have started the current trend in beeswax candle making” by Vogue Magazine, 2020.

The artist in her Upstate, NY studio, with her beeswax courtesy of the honeybees. 
Alysia Mazzella beeswax candles hand poured in Upstate New York