"Bloom" - A.T. Follansbee

Bloom is a one-of-a kind, glazed ceramic sculpture by local artist Alyssa Follansbee. A surrealist interpretation of a traditional portrait bust, the floral sculptures blooming out of the head represent creative thought, while also referencing traditional associations of femininity with floral imagery. In this interpretation, the creative force is intertwined with that which is feminine. 

11 inches tall, 6 inches wide at base

To learn more, visit www.SuperSecretProjects.com.

More About A.T. Follansbee:

Alyssa Todd Follansbee is a multimedia artist based in Beacon, New York. Her work explores the internal struggle of balancing our outward and inward lives.  Utilizing figurative subject matter with surrealist elements, her paintings reflect themes of self-image, loss, motherhood, and family. 

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