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Coco + Vanilla Hair Mist - Herbs + Oils Bath

Coco + Vanilla Hair Mist - Herbs + Oils Bath


Transforming you and your hair to it’s best beach island self. Formulated for texture and waves, this volume-enhancing mist gives hair impossibly sultry beach waves without drying out the hair or giving it tacky, sticky feel. This is a lovely "lazy day" hair trick that will make it appear you've spent hours at the beach. Here’s a few more deets:

-Himalayan Pink Salt contains valuable trace minerals which aids in regulating hydration and balancing the PH of hair or skin. Strengthening and leaving it smoother and softer.

-Aloe Vera is rich in amino acids and protein which is essential for healthy hair. Helping with hair growth and overall hair health, it cleans, nourishes and protects from damage. Creating healthy shine and dealing with scalp conditions and brittle, weak hair.

-Vanilla Essential Oil helps relax and calm the mind, reducing stress while conditioning and soothing.