Twin Flame Candle - Alysia Mazzella

100% beeswax, includes two candles and two wicks.

The handcrafted Twin Flame candle is for looking and musing. Intended for the most special of candlelit occasions––the crossroads, endings, and new beginnings. Observe how oneness meets.

Using the traditional technique of hand dipping, this slow-made process involves repeatedly dipping cotton wicks into melted wax, gradually building up each candle, layer by layer. It may take as many as 30 dips to reach the desired width. Then, two candles are carefully hand wound into one. Made in Upstate New York using sustainably sourced beeswax. 2hrs per candle. Measures approximately 8” x 7/8”. Comes in a 10x2” paper tube. Does not include candle holder.

Hand poured in Newburgh, NY by Alysia Mazzella.