Rose Vetiver Candle - Exalted Alchemy


Apricot-coconut wax candle, hand-poured on the Scorpio Full Moon, May 2020, also known as the Hare Moon. This full moon signifies the beginning of spring and celebrates growth. Scorpio energy helps bring us in touch with our fears. Scorpio is deep and wise. Leaning into this energy helps us expand out of our fears and uncover our truth. Use this candle to help bring yourself into the present moment, and release what no longer serves you. Full moon’s are a time for abundance and achievement. Naturally a more intuitive time, full moons are great for manifestation and magic. Burn this candle to bring full moon energy into any day, or to heighten energies on an upcoming full moon. This candle can be especially powerful and supportive if you are a Scorpio or if you have Scorpio in your natal chart.

9oz candle