12 oz Natural Plant Wax Candle- Estuary Co.

All Estuary Co. products are non-toxic, vegan, phthalate free, and cruelty free. Handmade and blended with highest-quality fragrance and essential oils, the wooden wick features a meditative flicker and accompanying soft crackle.

12oz candles have approximately 60 hours of burn time

Tobacco Honey Rounded, mellow, sultry, and familiar. Structured depth without heaviness. Warm honeycomb. Notes of dried tobacco leaf, nutmeg, tonka bean

12oz Apricot Coconut Wax; wooden wick, scented with highest quality fragrance oil


Holy Basil Distinctly herbaceous and grassy against a woody, soft clove undertone. Subtle whirls of mint and smoke. Notes of  grass, and lemon. 

12oz Hemp Soy Wax; wooden wick, scented with 100% essential oils, proprietary blend

Oud Vetiver Resinous, woody, sultry and fresh. A Tendril of herbs, a wink of clove. 

12oz Apricot-coconut wax, blended with 100% fragrance & essential oils. 

More About Estuary Co.

Hyperbole is proud to be one of the first purveyors of Estuary Co. Candles, a woman and AAPI-owned business located just down the road in Cold Spring, New York.

Founded by Monica Eisner, Estuary Co. candles are mindfully handmade in small batches with sustainably sourced, vegan, non-toxic, and cruelty free ingredients. Featuring eco-friendly, clean-burning wooden wicks from FSC Certified Wood, these candles give off uhhhhmazing scents and a gentle, ambient crackle as they burn.

Bonus! If you’re local to the area, you can return your candle vessel to Hyperbole and we’ll give it back to the maker to help cut down on waste. Or...you can keep it and use it as a planter. They're just so pretty.