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Alysia Mazzella Has The Best Beeswax In The Biz

Alysia Mazzella Has The Best Beeswax In The Biz

We're pumped to kick-off our new "Meet the Makers" series with local legend Alysia Mazzella. A native of Newburgh, New York, Alysia has been a Hyperbole artist from day one, and her candles continue to be one of our all-time best-sellers!  Alysia makes each of her beeswax candles by hand. No added scents. No added dyes. Just beeswax and a cotton wick. The results are stunning in their simplicity and elegance. 

Another thing we love about Alysia is her willingness to open her studio to the world through her Instagram page. Follow @alysiamazzella and you’ll get a peek inside of her truly romantic artist’s shed full of beautiful wax scraps, bubbling cauldrons, and poetic musings on nature's many gifts. Most notably, cera alba, yup, you guessed it, the multi-talented honey bee.  

In Her Own Words...

"100% beeswax is perfect by nature. It is the slowest and cleanest burning wax on Earth. Created by the brilliant honey bee, beeswax naturally boasts a pollen-infused color and a floral-sweet scent.

What began as a personal practice, burning tapers daily and collecting brass candlesticks, grew to offer hundreds of slow-made candles within the first year. Today, I study and teach the ancient relationship of humans and honeybees while my collection nods to traditional candles for function and spirit."

Alysia Mazzella hand poured beeswax candles from Hudson Valley NY

Vogue Thinks She's the Bees Knees

Alysia was recently named “the person who may have started the current trend in beeswax candle making” by Vogue Magazine. And if that isn’t the coolest thing you’ve heard all week, you’re lying! At Hyperbole, we're hesitant to call Alysia’s products “a trend,” because good work that is both functional and beautiful is sure to stand the test of time.

As Alysia recently told Edible Hudson Valley Magazine

“I think the difference between my candles and any other candle is that mine have some kind of magic.”

We have to agree. Check out some of Alysia’s featured products, like the Mirth Candle and bring a little ancient magic into your life. 

Mirth Pillar Candle beeswax by Alysia Mazzella

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